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Cute stuff added...check them all out here..

Stitched With Love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

love me some fall!

Photography business is going well!!

Check out the blog...


Friday, October 16, 2009

new stuff!

New customer ordered added! Check out boys designs, girls designs & Holiday!


Happy Friday, guys.

Hope "Life is good",


Monday, October 12, 2009

new cutomer orders added!

Visit the photostream so that you can see all of SWL's sets! Lots of new customer orders added in boys & holiday!! Check them out!

Reminder.....Dec 1st is the LAST day to place your SWL order for 2009!




Friday, October 9, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SWL Sets & Looking forward....

To view all SWL sets go to:


If wanting to place an order pls email me @:

Looking forward.

So, those of you that know me probably knew this was coming...so I am sure you won't be completely suprised.

...SWL will be accepting orders up until December 1st of this year. The downtime between then and 2010 I will make a big decision whether to have it back up & running Jan 2010 or let SWL be a thing of the past.

I have found my calling...atleast I believe I have....in photography. I just LOVE it, every part of it. From start to finish, it's become a true passion. And, I have always said "do what you love, love what you do". I still enjoy sewing and designing, but my desire to create has gone away a little...so I think I need to sit back, think about it & make a BIG decision.

So, come January...I will either announce SWL is going away or that it's only going to offer certain things....definitely no longer a one stop shop.

I have to follow my heart & make my dreams come true. So, I am going after it...and taking a 100% leap of faith that my photography will take off. I believe in what I am able to capture through my lens...hope others will too!

Hope "Life is Good",


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fall portraits!

Christmas is just around the corner and the leaves will be turning the most beautiful reds & oranges! Perfect time to schedule your fall portraits for your kiddos, for your cute little family or even a big family portrait including grandparents and cousins!

Perfect for Christmas cards and the best Christmas gifts.

Check out my photography site and schedule your session before it gets booked up!

I live in Wilson county but will travel to Rutherford, Davidson & Williamson counties.


You can email me if you have any questions: sara_elizabeth_rose@yahoo.com OR give me a call @ 615.305.0788

Hope "Life is Good",


Friday, September 18, 2009

new designs & customer orders!

So, I finally got around to making a super hero cape! Thanks to sweet grandma Caroline for placing the first official order on the item! I know grandson Trey will LOVE it!


And, I have checked out all local retailers to make sure I wasn't copying anyone else's designs because honestly when it comes to the holidays it's hard not to do the same thing over & over! so, check out some of my new Halloween & first Christmas design: (i have seen the skull with bow, but never a big flower!)


I can't tell you how many "blank" shirts I have in my closet. They scream at me everytime I look at them with "give me a little something, please!"...so ...I will continue to add new ladies designs, because...well...I am tired of looking at the same stuff in the store! And, the holiday designs for ladies in the stores...sheesh...


Here are all off SWL sets! There have been a lot of orders added in boys, girls, holiday & newborn! So, check them out!


Hope 'Life is Good' and each of you are looking forward to a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

happy 2nd birthday, Laney!

Thanks to sweet mom Melanie for letting SWL be a part of your daughter's special day!
Happy 2nd Birthday, Laney! I love how you already know how to accessorize!

Monday, September 14, 2009

sibling set fan photo

Thanks to sweet mom Jaymie for this picture of her adorable kiddos in a SWL sibling set!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday, Sydney!

Happy 1st Birthday, Sweet Sydney!
Thanks to great mom Melissa for letting SWL be a big part in your daughter's first birthday celebration.
She sure is a DOLL!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

cool guy in a cool shirt!

Happy Birthday, Brayden!!

Thanks to sweet mom Heather for posting this super cute picture of her son on the SWL fan page! He sure is a cutie!!

Monday, August 31, 2009


the photoshoots from the weekend have been added! check out the site and go to "portraits"



the photoshoots from the weekend have been added! check out the site and go to "portraits"

Friday, August 28, 2009

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. -- Mark Twain

Happy Friday!

Hope "Life is Good",


sweet fan photos!

one of my dearest friends, Amber just happens to be an artsy momma like myself! and one fine photographer! look at this precious photo she took of her 6 month old colin sporting the "clark kent" tie onesie!


and, look at this fantastic photo my friend lindsay took of her adorable daughter brynn in the butterfly garden pillowcase dress that was offered back in the spring/summer! and she...like amber...is one amazing photographer!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome Baby Trenton!

Congratulations sweet mom Ashley on the birth of your new son, Trenton! Big Brother Trey looks so proud. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

krista can!

i occasionally will watch videos that ppl post on their facebook wall, but none of them have touched me like this one did today.

the story:
My wife, Krista, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer three weeks after giving birth to our first child. 1 brain surgery, 23 days of chemo/ radiation and 7 months later, she took a trip to the barber shop with me to rid herself of the remaining hair. Her biggest worry was whether Anna Mae would recognize her upon return. Anna and I made this little picture video for Krista, to thank her for her fight and to show her courage to the world. We are proud of you!


Krista CAN!

Monday, August 24, 2009


I had a great weekend @ the photography workshop! Next weekend I will be at an all day photoshoot trying to capture some great shots of a few different couples!

The photograph above is one I took of my boys when I got home from the workshop. Shooting only in manual! A lot harder than I ever thought.

Don't forget to check out the photography site (link listed to the right) and if you are in the Rutherford, Davidson, Wilson, or Williamson county areas consider having me take some pics of your darlings OR capture a great family shot for you for your Christmas card!

Update on SWL....I will be working HARD this week getting caught up on orders so stay tuned on customer order pics added in the coming days.

Also, a few new fabrics have been added. Included in the group is the vintage sock monkey! super cute

Hope "Life is Good"!,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

big bro/lil bro

Sweet brothers Eli & Knox!

Extremely handsome lil guys sporting the SWL sibling set.

Thanks to sweet mom Rachel for the great photo!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

superhero cape

so, here lately my oldest (2.5) has been asking about superhero capes. his aunt gave him one for christmas last year which is what prompted him to ask me (often) about a cape that can "fly him up to the sky".

so, i am in concept mode, cre
ating patterns, appliques, etc. I wanted to show a picture of the "design" phase when I am working with muslin and paper.

I am thinking about the possible appliques:

circle, star, bolt, crown with their initial or birthday # in the middle in coordinating fabric

also, all superheroes (superman, batman, incredibles, etc)

same as boys, but add a heart, flower and any other items considered girly!

Main fabric will be satin, edges finished so no fraying, closure for neck will be a snap or velcro(no ties for safety reasons)

So, what do you think??

sweet birthday girl, Isabella!

Thank you sweet mom Janet for letting SWL be a part of your daughter's special day!

Happy 1st Birthday, Isabella!!

(photo by katy southern)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to Business!

What a great first week back! Thanks to all that have left feedback on the new site & new products! Look forward to the coming months and designing new & fun stuff !

Take Care!!

Hope "Life is Good",


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

bella jewel flower headband collection

about SWL

After about a year or so of being a stay at home mom I was getting that "itch" to want to do something...something creative. I wasn't ready to send my boys off to preschool just to fill that void, so I got my sewing machine out and started playing around. I had put the "dreaded machine" (what I used to call it while earning my fashion degree) away and wasn't sure if it even had any juice left to run. Well, after a few tears, screams, hubby "pls fix this before I go insane" moments Terry (by better half) went and bought me a new one. Brand spankin' new...nothing fancy...just the Martha Stewart Singer you can buy at your local costco's for under $200!! But, it had every stitch needed to do what I like to call "fun sewing"!

I read through some blogs, became a frequent "fabric store" shopper, damaged a few shirts (trial and error is the best, right?!...whatever!) and FINALLY got the hang of what I was wanting to accomplish. Creating custom applique's for children's t's was my new "thing". So, I decided to start my own business to run outside of our home. The name? Well, I believe that "Love" is just the most wonderful thing in the world and each piece I had sewn for my boys was completely out of love for them, for designing, for finding "me" again. It's easy to get lost in the shuffle when you are a mom of 2, wife to 1, maid to 3, chef to 3, nurse to 3, taxi driver....etc! So, Stitched with Love was created.

In the beginning I was getting maybe 1 or 2 orders a week. Then a few "Sara, can you make this later?"...I was making other stuff and getting MORE orders. Goodness when the pillowcase dress became available I can't tell you how shocked I was on the response. I thought...I can do this! And, it's so much fun! So, I slowly offer new things. Mainly simple items. Simple because that is all I can do right now with my main job being a MOM and then I got crazy and started freelance photography on the side. Some ask...how in the world can you do all that you do? My answer is simple. This economy is tough. Whatever I have to do to help us out I will. My second answer is also very simple. I need something that I can say is "mine". Not in a negative way, but just that I have something for me. We only live once and I want to make sure that my kiddos know that NO MATTER WHAT you follow your dreams and you make them happen. No excuses. "Do what you LOVE. LOVE what you do." And, I do.


"Hey Sara, saw your fun stuff online how can I order?"
- just email me directly and we can work out all the details. my email is sara_elizabeth_rose@yahoo.com.

it will be helpful if you can supply this information when inquiring about an item:
~ item interested in
~ if a tee, what color shirt & size
~ if skirt or bella pant, what size & design (choose by name of item "i.e. The "bailey" Bella Pant)
~ if newborn gift item, need full name or initials you want on items.
~ requested date to receive item. that way I can see if I am able to accommodate based on current work load, etc.

"Hey Sara, if I place an order today how fast will it ship?"
- because each order is sewn after order is placed please allow up to 10 business days for the order to ship. most times it is earlier than that, but in a case where fabric has to be ordered it can take up to 10 days.

"Hey Sara, I need something by this weekend?!"
- If an order is needing to be "rushed" pls understand that a fee will be added to your order. because chances are I am having to rush out to the store to pick up a shirt, order fabrics, etc.

"Hey Sara, what are shipping rates?"
- shipping rates for Fall 2009 will be a flat rate of $4.95 for regular USPS shipping. **subject to change depending on amount ordered.

"Hey Sara, I have placed my order now how do I pay?"
- I will invoice you via paypal through your email when the order is complete. Once I receive payment your items will ship.

"Hey Sara, I love the initial applique's, but I don't see one with a color scheme I was wanting."
- go to the fabric choices and pick one of those. I can use any that are shown. If you still don't see one you are interested in email me with color scheme and chances are I have something from previous collections.

"Hey Sara, I love the skirts and pants! Can you make a shirt to match?"
- sure can!

"Hey Sara, what sizes do you make?"
- on the t's I can do any size. on the skirts I make up to 7/8. on the pants up to 7. on the pillowcase dresses up to size 9/10.

"Hey Sara, I have a tall 3 year old. Can you make the Bella Pant to her measurements?"
- sure can. Just send me the measurements and I will customize accordingly.

"Hey Sara, I am having a Thomas themed party. Can you incorporate the theme into a design?"
- sure can. custom orders will start @ $25 depending on difficulty. pls be specific in your request. If you are first time customer I may not be able to interpret your actual likes/dislikes when it comes to color schemes.

"Hey Sara, you had this great design from Summer that you aren't showing in your Fall collection. Is it still available?"
- depends. email me and we can discuss.

"Hey Sara, I have been looking everywhere for _____ can you make?"
- possibly. if I feel like I can't I will send you to someone who can.

"Hey Sara, what color tutu's can you make?"
- any color, any size.

"Hey Sara, do you still monogram?"
- yes, I monogram burpcloths, dresses & fabrics. I don't like to monogram T's. My machine doesn't like the light weight material.

"Hey Sara, why have your prices increased?"
- when I first started SWL orders were coming in maybe 1 or 2 a week. The demand is much higher now and it's requiring me to invest more in fabrics and blanks on the front end. Understand you get what you pay for. I stand by my work and the quality of my products.

"Hey Sara, what is your return policy?"
- because most items are customized specifically for an individual I will not accept returns unless the product is damaged when it is received. but, know that I quality check each item before I ship.

How to Order

Right now the best way to place an order is to email me directly @ sara_elizabeth_rose@yahoo.com.

Supply this information:
~ item interested in
~ if a tee, what color shirt & size
~ if skirt or bella pant, what size & design (choose by name of item "i.e. The "bailey" Bella Pant)
~ if newborn gift item, need full name or initials you want on items.
~ requested date to receive item. that way I can see if I am able to accommodate based on current work load, etc.

Meet Sara

My boys Tyler Drake & Colton James

Terry (my Superman) & I married since 6.11.5

I grew up in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Locals like to call it the 'boro. It was a small town while I lived there...not so much anymore. I graduated in '98 from Riverdale...GO WARRIORS! And, shortly after moved to Nashville to live with my dad. Smartest decision I made while a young pup trying to find herself. Got accepted into O'More and that is where most of my story begins.....
Back in 2001 I graduated with a BA in Fashion Design & Merchandising from O'More College of Design in Franklin, Tennessee. Was planning on taking over the fashion industry, but my Southern roots kept me grounded in Nashville working for Vanity Fair Corp. Started as an intern, went into product development, busy times while a merchandiser, a very stressful time as a technical designer....and then made my move into account management on into sales!! And, that was just in a short 5 years!

While working for VFC I met a wonderful man who is now my husband of more than 4 years and the rest is history! We moved to Dallas for a few years right after saying "I do". I mean ...right after. Sold a house, got married, moved to a new state & both started new jobs all in 6 short weeks. Talk about taking chances...whew! But, it was the best decision we made. Moving away from everyone and depending only on one another was hard, but made us appreciate "US" in a way I can't explain. Made us so strong...made us who we are today. Terry is hands down the best husband, dad & friend out there. I don't know what I would do without his constant support, encouragement, strength & honesty. I ask God everyday how in the WORLD I got so lucky....he doesn't answer me, but I am reminded everyday when I wake up to my husband the gift God gave me. He is the man I will spend the rest of my life with no doubt about it.
I have been a stay at home mom since Dec of 2006. The day our first son Tyler Drake was born was one of the most amazing days of our life! It's true & cliche' what they say "you don't know real love until you see your first child for the very first time". He was amazing....must have been because 6 months later we got pregnant (yes, on purpose) with our second blessing, Colton James! Yes, 2 boys 14.5 months apart is insane and absolutely wonderful all the same. We have so much fun. I love being the only "Princess" in the household, but I do often dream of having a daughter. I would love to design cute dresses, tops, skirts & pants for her! Will probably have to give up SWL at that time, because I won't have any fabric left for anyone else...but, that is not for a long time and chances are....we will have another boy. I am okay with that. As long as he is healthy..I am good to go! I still have all my cute nieces to design for. :)
Over the past few years or so I have realized the true importance of having friends. Girlfriends. What it means to have someone lift you up when you need it most, calm you down when you have gone over the top and tell you the truth no matter what. Two of my very best girlfriends I met while living in Dallas. I miss those two like crazy everyday. Both of whom are wonderful moms, go above and beyond wives and would do absolutely anything for you type friends. Since being back in Tennessee I have been blessed to meet that same type of friend in my own neighborhood...and not just 1! I have so many other couragious, strong women who surround me that I love with all of my heart and make this world a better place just by being who they are. (you know who you are!!!)
My most favorite subject is my family. I am a true "family gal". I love being able to spend the day with my boys and watch them learn and grow from day to day. Gosh, they change so fast. The best part of the day is when my husband comes walking in the door and both boys go running after 'daddy'. Sweetest moments that I will cherish forever for sure. I love when we are all laying on the bed talking about the day. No, my youngest doesn't really talk much...but, you moms know what I am saying! When we are a family of 4...no matter what we are doing...life is wonderful!
Oh, and if you haven't heard...I have taken my other love of photography to the next level! I am now a freelance photographer..just trying to capture that special moment and there are alot of them. Check out my site with the link listed on the right!
So, that's about it! Any other questions just ask.

Hope "Life is Good"